NEATA Festival 2012



Workshops during the NEATA festival 2012 in Sønderborg


Theatre in an urban space
A workshop with Bo Madvig

There is a big difference between playing theatre in a theatre room and playing theatre in an outdoor space.
This workshop is about working as an actor in the urban environment.
How can we make an urban space intensify our acting, and how can we as actors intensify an urban space?
We will be working in chosen places in the streets of Sønderborg. We will create situations based on the mythology of these places and the participant´s own stories about being human beings living in cities.
The workshop will be a creative process working with small site specific, physical and verbal situations.
The participants will be working in smaller groups. In co-operation with Bo Madvig these groups will create bits of text and phrases of movement. The work will end up in the creation of a series of tableaux for the spectators to pass by.
Workshop mornings: Thursday 2nd 9.00 – 12.00, Friday 3rd 9.00 – 12.00, Saturday 4th  9.00 – 12.00.
It will be best if you can participate all three days.
Meeting place for the workshop: Ahlmannskolen, Kongevej 35, Sønderborg.

Workshopleader Bo Madvig
From Cirque d´Hiver in Paris to a Danish field in the island of Langeland, from the jungle in South America to Volksbühne in Berlin…
Bo Madvig has been performing in site specific theatre connections almost all over the world.
Since 1977 Bo Madvig has been on a travel through the abstract, the absurd and the realistic theatre. A theatre voyage which has led him through  physical theatre, installation art, group theatre, Japanese Buto and Noh theatre, Stanislavskij, political theatre and the German Tanz Theater…
Bo Madvig has been a highly esteemed theatre teacher at institutions of higher education nationally in Denmark as well as internationally for more than twenty years.


Devising, Improvisation and Playfulness
A workshop with Alex Byrne

Work on pure movement, playfulness and the actor’s presence.
Work on improvisation, on structure and freedom
Work on focus, attention and story telling.
This workshop explores the physical preparation of the body for performance through work on pure and expressive movement. The playfulness of the actor in performance through games and group work and approaches to group devising.  It explores musicality and rhythm as tools in performance.
We will work on improvisation in groups and as individuals and on exercises that approach the devising process through games, play and dynamic physical situations.

Workshop mornings: Thursday 2nd 9.00 – 12.00, Friday 3rd  9.00 – 12.00.
You can choose to participate one of the days or both days.
Place for the workshop: Multisalen - Ahlmannskolen, Kongevej 35, Sønderborg.

Workshopleader Alex Byrne
Alex Byrne is Artistic Director of New International Encounter whose work has played at major festivals all over Europe and beyond, as well as directing international touring work for NIE and other companies he has taught workshops in Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Bosnia and the UK.  He trained at Central School of Speech and Drama in London and at Ecole Phillipe Gaulier in London.  He has taught acting and devising at universities and drama schools in the UK and Europe.


Body, Voice and Words in Action
Fun, freedom and authenticity in embodied dramatic expression.
A workshop with Inge Dinesen

This workshop will explore how to use voice, body and movement in strong delivery of dramatic text: How do words feed images in the actors mind, and how does the actor stay physically and mentally present in focussed delivery of the dramatic words? This workshop will present the participants with bits of appetizing text to trigger imagination and physical expression. 
Voice is the actors’ tool to accurately convey thoughts and feelings, and as such it is a powerful means of expression on both a dramatic, personal and social level. Work on voice, body and movement contribute to the embodiment of words, breaking personal limits and crossing of seemingly insurmountable thresholds.  Finding optimum use of voice, body and movement will further the actor’s direct transmission of feeling, actions and thus act to develop rich expression. Voice work also acts to unblock old habits, and leads to the discovery of ways to further free expression. 
Through practical exercises we will explore voice, body and breathing. We will work to embody the voice and words, responding to them as vividly and spontaneously as possible, and then transmit those responses to an audience.
Workshop mornings: Thursday 2nd 9.00 – 12.00, Friday 3rd  9.00 – 12.00, Saturday 4th  9.00 – 12.00. You can choose to participate one of the days or several days.
Place for the workshop: DanseAkademiet, Kirke Allé 9, Sønderborg.

Workshopleader Inge Dinesen, Actress, MA in Voice Studies:
Inge Dinesen has teaching experience from national and private acting schools, and has professional experience as an actress, voice coach and stage director. For a span of 31 years she has worked with practical methods and research to contribute in an efficient and liberating way to develop the actor’s wholesome and vital expressivity.

Practical matters:
The workshops are free and open to all participants at the NEATA festival.
Maximum number of participants in each workshop is 24.
You can sign up before you arrive to the festival by mailing to or you can sign up at the festival secretariat when you have arrived to Sønderborg.
NB! First come – first served!